St. Paul's United Church of Christ


Our Story

In 1858, a number of recently arrived German immigrants founded what is now St. Paul's United Church of Christ. For 162 years, St. Paul's has been a spiritual presence in Carlinville, Illinois.  Its services have been held in the same beautiful sanctuary since 1878. 
During this time span it has weathered booms, depressions, droughts, disasters, the American Civil War, World War I,  World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam Conflict, Desert Storm,  the War on Terror, as well as several other significant conflicts of the United States in the 20th and 21st centuries.
The congregation has survived and is thriving through the grace of God and the devotion of its many members and pastors.  Its members, like other fellow Christians, are actively involved in civic outreach locally and in the state and nation. The congregation supports international missions.  Since 1997, St. Paul's services have reached many in the area through its radio broadcasts, which continue.  Due to the Corona Virus of 2020, an online worship presence evolved. 
St. Paul's practices open communion, permitting and encouraging all professing the penitent Christians present, irrespective of formal religious affiliation, to eat and drink at Christ's Table. 
Grateful for God's blessings during its more than 160 year existence, St. Paul's United Church of Christ looks forward, confidently, to the future as it seeks to carry out God's purposes.